To the realisation of its machines, TOSH adds the production of easily interchangeable accessories of the most elevated precision, able to respond to the most diversified printing and production needs.

Conveying and positioning

TOSH produces a complete range of high precision, modular conveying and positioning accessories designed to complement our pad printing line. Individual components can be easily configured to work in conjunction any of the vast selection of TOSH pad printing equipment.

This range of accessories offers a variety of possibilities, which will help you be more competitive in the rapidly changing landscape of pad printing
The choice of accessories is dependent upon your pad printing requirements, and should take into account the number of colours, required rate, pre and post-treatment, requirements, and desired output. TOSH offers more than 50 different models of conveying and positioning accessories to meet every need.
All accessories reported in these pages are designed and produced by TOSH, which is committed to supplying smart, flexible solutions to any pad printing challenge.
Cingolo-carro-armatoConveying and positioning

Accessories for pre-treating

For material surface tension increasing.
For electrostatic charges elimination.
TOSH offers the most common pre-treating devices:

• chemical (use of primer)
• flaming
• corona
Each substrate has got its own surface tension that is measured in Dynes (dyne/cm). Good ink’s adhesion on the material to be printed is obtained when the substrate’s surface energy is equal to or exceeds the ink’s. When using solvent base inks; the most commonly used in pad printing, the minimum surface tension to print an ink is 40 dynes/cm. Certain plastic materials such as PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene), having a surface tension of about 30-32 dynes/cm require pre-treatment prior to printing for surface tension increasing. The pre-treatment modifies chemically and physically the surface, so to increase its wettability.
Another important aspect of pre-treatment is the neutralization of electrostatic charges.
Particular environmental conditions can create electrostatic charges that attract on some plastic materials and on the pads dust and dirt, altering as a result the print quality. TOSH offers different equipments for electrostatic charges elimination.
Cingolo-carro-armatoIonization devices
Cingolo-carro-armatoFlame treatment devices

Drying accessories

TOSH produces a wide range of different drying ovens (hot air – IR – UV), to use also combined, to respond any customer drying process requirement.

There are several variables, which affects the drying process of an ink. Although pad printing inks typically dry to the touch within a few minutes, accelerated drying is recommended or required in some applications, for example with multicolour printing, in printing with two-component ink, in processing with high production rhythms or if further processing comes immediately after printing, for example packaging the product.
Moreover, providing to the ink pre-drying on the pad before it is released onto the object, besides being a condition, which always help printing, it is fundamental in case of solid or multicolour print.
Cingolo-carro-armatoHot air oven Mod. HA7
Cingolo-carro-armatoHot air oven Mod. HA8
Cingolo-carro-armatoModular pads pre-drying device

Accessories for plate making

TOSH produces different equipments which gives the complete autonomy in the photopolymer and steel plates making.

• UV exposer.
• dryers for photopolymer plates or photoresist (in case of steel plates) curing.
• developing tanks manual or automatic for different photopolymer plate sizes.
• etching units for different steel plates sizes.
• line screen films in different lining and blackening percentage.
To make the choice easy, TOSH has grouped the single equipment in different kits according to various developing requirements and plate sizes:

Photopolymer plates:
Kit type M – max dim. cliché 200×350 mm – manual developing
Kit type L – max dim. cliché 400×600 mm – manual developing
Kit type XL – max dim. cliché 400×1200 mm – manual developing
Steel plates:
Etching unit Mod. 400N – max plate size 200×400 mm
Etching unit Mod. 620N – max plate size 200×620 mm
For laserable clichés:
Laser system F20 - Max engraving area 140x140 mm
Cingolo-carro-armatoKit cliché type M
Cingolo-carro-armatoCompact Series
Laser System F30
Cingolo-carro-armatoKit cliché type L
Cingolo-carro-armatoEtching unit
Cingolo-carro-armatoKit cliché type XL
Cingolo-carro-armatoLaser System F20

Wash up accessories

For cleaning all of the pad printing’s part which are in contact with inks and need to be cleaned between production changeover.

TOSH manufactures different types of parts washing equipments:
• manual washing tank
• ultrasonic washing tank
• automatic washing tank
Cingolo-carro-armatoAutomatic washing tank
Cingolo-carro-armatoUltrasonic washing tank
Cingolo-carro-armatoManual washing tank

Various accessories

To complement its machines and accessories range, TOSH produces side-line equipments for specific requirements.

Among the main ones you can find:
• film making systems
• special colour making systems
• printing quality check systems

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