The vocation to innovate, which has always characterized TOSH in the production of pad printing machines, could not be any less in the area of production of consumables necessary for this type of machine.


A complete range of pads to match every printing need.

The pad is doubtless the most important and delicate element of the pad printing process to printing quality obtaining.

There are lots of variables which direct influence when choosing a pad. Here below is the complete updated catalogue of manufactured pads, which are coded and divided according to their shape. Download can be done for each single typology:

You can download the complete catalog.
The easiest way to choose a pad is to simply send the part to be printed directly to TOSH; we will choose the most suitable pad for you. To allow quicker and autonomous choice, Tosh offers a fast, simple and interactive on-line searching platform, to help you finding a selection of pads which characteristics correspond to your needs:
The results will be showed in series; click on the pad code for file enlargement for all useful information.
On the left side will appear the code and a multiple view of the pad, all sizes as well as the theoretic print area’s. In the GENERAL INFORMATION section, useful information are given for the right choice of the pad in terms of shape, type of rubber and hardness.
If you don’t find what you are looking for in the catalogue, TOSH in a very short time is able to produce special rubber mix or shapes, to meet specific enquiries.
It is important to underline that all the products on these pages are designed and built entirely by TOSH, whose daily commitment is aimed at producing quality innovation, in order to translate the most varied requests into ad hoc solutions.
Cingolo-carro-armatoPads Depliant
Cingolo-carro-armatoGeneral information
Cingolo-carro-armatoPads catalog


A modern Company for the production of pad printing inks.

Tosh’s experience in the manufacture of pad printing machines and accessories, has, since the late ‘80s produced a complete range of inks specifically developed for this technology.

The excellent quality of the raw materials and manufacture, combined with an extremely modern method of formulation, make TOSH inks range one of the most advanced and complete available in the market today.
TOSH, produces inks for every application and is also able to formulate inks to solve specific printing problems. This exclusive service, offered only by TOSH,stems from customer demand for purpose-made products which meet market requirement.
All TOSH inks are non-toxic (NT).
Conformity: European Standard EN 71 part 3 - Rohs Directive 2002/95/EC - REACH
TOSH, as the only pad printing machine manufacturer to produce inks, has the professional experience of those who solve printing problems daily, thus enabling its customers the advantage of this same expertise.
Cingolo-carro-armatoSafety data sheets
Cingolo-carro-armatoChoosing an additive
Cingolo-carro-armatoTechnical data sheets
Cingolo-carro-armatoChoosing an ink
Cingolo-carro-armatoColor chart
Cingolo-carro-armatoSystem Color Tosh
Cingolo-carro-armatoInks general leaflet
Cingolo-carro-armatoConformity declaration


High-quality steel and photopolymer plates.
In order to choose a plate correctly it is important to take these factors into consideration:

• runs the plate should achieve
• image to etch: solid area, fine lines, half tones, process-color ecc..
• quality of the print you want to obtainquality of the print you want to obtain
• type of printing machine the plate will be used on (open or hermetic)
• possibility to produce the plate in house
In order to ensure that each customer is supplied with the most suitable plate, TOSH has developed a complete range of products of various types, in steel as well as in photopolymer, always available in stock, in hundreds of standard formats.
• Photopolymer plates they are ideal for small and medium runs from 10.000 to 70.000 printings
• Thin steel plates 0,5 mm for runs that go from 100.000 to 300.000 printings
• Steel plates 10 mm for over 1.000.000 runs
• Plates for laser engraving - for over 10.0000 e 50.000 runs.
Cingolo-carro-armatoPlates brochure
Plates brochure XRA


For the optimization of the printing process and plates endurance.
TOSH produces a complete range of blades made of high quality steel and doctor rings in different materials:

• Type T blade
• Type TS blade
• Type ST blade ring
• Type CR blade ring
Too often the blading of a plate is considered the least important element in the pad printing process. Actually, it determines the print optimization and more importantly, the life of the plate. this is why blades or a doctor rings must be made from high quality materials, with perfectly uniform thickness and why the chamfer must be produced with absolute accuracy and precision.
Cingolo-carro-armatoBlade rings and blades
Cingolo-carro-armatoRegrinding service


A full range of products useful for technical printing.
Among the most helpful there are products for:

• piece holders realisation
• colours production
• wash up
• films making
• plates making
• pads cleaning
When preparing an new job in a pad printing machine, there are a number of secondary activities which are nonetheless important, that a pad printer must perform.
For this reason TOSH has researched and selected a range of practical and safe products, easy to use and more suitable for any production condition, to avoid useless waste of time thus higher costs.
Cingolo-carro-armatoMiscellaneous products

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