Register and create a Tosh ID

Click “Sign up”. This will open the page of a form, after filling out the fields click on “SUBMIT” and registration request will be automatically forwarded. In a short time Tosh will accept the request and respond e-mail with a message providing your personal ID and password to access the service. Once signed up you can use your ID and password and then you can click “Enter” to access the service without any repeat procedure.


Registered users, in addition to having easy access to browsing the site, acquire the privilege to all Tosh resources on line access that require identification. The online experience is with Tosh expanded and includes various additional services such as:

- Be able to take advantage of promotions and bargains
- Receive news preview
- Access to confidential technical documentation
- Consult the updated manuals of equipments and use of products
- Acquire declarations and certifications
- Ask for help and online support
- Receive updates on new procedures and technologies