Hot air bench ovens Mod. HA5 and HA6

These ovens represent the most convenient solution for drying all types of solvent pad printing and screen printing inks, suggested for small-medium objects
HA5 oven – bench version Notizia8-2foto
Although the printed ink used in pad printing is ready to handle in a short time, accelerating the drying process is recommended.
It is beneficial in certain applications when a single component ink is used, however for multicolour printing with high volume production it is essential before handling / packaging the Product.
In the case of two-component ink it would normally take a few days to harden completely at room temperature, however it is fundamental to accelerate the reticulation between the ink and the catalyst, this is achieved by using the oven.

HA5 oven leaflet (PDF)
HA6 oven leaflet (PDF)

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