The latest Ultrasonic Cleaner HTV 4

In our constant pursuit to innovate and development new products,
Tosh is pleased to offer the new formulated ultrasonic cleaner HTV4,
directed for use with ultrasonic washing machines.

HTV4 cleaner is also new, efficient, very-low evaporation, odourless and inexpensive.
New: The purpose of HTV 4 production is to comply with the current and ever stricter international Regulations, such as Reach. It is a compound of substances destined to be found in the market for long term, with no limitation to its formulation for future years to come.
Efficient: due to its formulation, containing only high-boiling substances, with strong ink dissolving power, long term efficiency as extremely low-evaporation.
Lowest evaporation and odourless: because of its molecular composition, molecules are not easily released in the air, as a consequence low-evaporating and low emission of the pungent odour typical of other solvents.
Inexpensive: last but not least, in combination with the above features list, the price is very favourable compared to other cleaners in today’s production.

HTV4 is available in 5 and 20 kg. packs.

Cleaner HTV 4 (PDF)

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