Logica 02 numerically controlled pad printing
machine for 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 colour printing.

Fully electrical operations.
Up to 3 color – 90 mm (diam) or 4 color – 70 mm (diam)
Cingolo-carro-armato LOGICA 02


L02 gallery foto1.0
1 colour - Logica 02 1 colour
(dia. 90 mm) with cross
table Mod. TO100

L02 gallery foto2.0
2 colours - Logica 02 2 colours
(dia. 90 mm) with pad shuttle
mod. SE 228L, cross table Mod. TO100,
and pads pre-drying device

L02 gallery foto3.1
3 colours - Logica 02 3 colours
(dia. 90 mm) with cross table
Mod. TO100 and pad
shuttle mod. SE 228L

L02 gallery foto3.2
3 colours - Logica 02 3 colours
(dia. 90 mm) with indexer
mod. PS460 and cross
table Mod. TO100

L02 gallery foto3.3
3 colours - Logica 02 3 colours
(dia. 90 mm) with cross table
Mod. TO200, rotary table mod. TRCN 03
and pad shuttle Mod. SE 228L

L02 gallery foto4.1
4 colours - Logica 02 4 colours
(diam. 60 mm) with pad shuttle
Mod. SE 228L,correction axis Mod. AC120
and support for angular adjustment Mod. SA1


Operation electric with numerical control
Printing force 800 N
Maximum printing speed adjustable up to 1800 c/h(*)
Number of colours 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Maximum ink cup sizes 3 color - 90 mm (diam) o 70x145 mm (ovale)
4 color - 70 mm (diam)
Vertical stroke 120 mm (80 mm on cliché)
Maximum pad height 140 mm (125 mm with pad shuttle system)
AC supply 220/240 V - single phase - 50/60 Hz
Average consumption about 400 W
Size and weight (basic model) 932 x 1000 x h. 1545 mm - about 192 Kg

Note: All data refer to basic model

(*) The above mentioned printing speed is the max achievable and will reduce when the vertical pad stroke is increased or when delay times have been programmed into the cycle. The maximum printing speed also depends on the parts loading device.


Recommended for applications where there is a single fixture, they allow rapid alignment on more axis of the part to the print.
Suggested for 2 or 3 colour printing with a single support fixture. Ideal also for printing onto cylindrical surfaces. Recommend when moving the object under the pads gives difficulties
Single fixture linear transfers for multicolour printing on medium and large products.
Recommended for multicolour printing or when high production cadences are required. They can also be used for additional in-line processes.
Ideal for printing large images that don’t fit into ink cup size.
They permit the pads cleaning cycle with programmable operating time.


All the mechanical movements are motorized via numerical control, guarantee high precision providing complete flexibility of operation and simplicity without compromise.
Its exclusive electric operation presents a considerable advantage compared to an equivalent pneumatic machine.
Manufactured from light alloy and special steel.
Eco-friendly. Due to its available hermetic ink system preventing solvent evaporation.
Independent adjustment of speeds to each of the six strokes, ability to memorize the different and most important phases of the printing cycle.
Changeover time reduced to a few minutes, thanks to the considerations given in the design concept to apply ergonomic principles to the system.
Due to the mechanical design quality, a guaranteed smooth working function results in an extremely quiet action, thus allowing use in any environment.
Ability to print under the printing plate, allowing decoration in every position on the large sized objects.
The manufacturing it was also conceived to guarantee a long life of working without maintenance.
All adjustment functions can be carried out via the numeric keyboard with alphanumeric display.
Countdown function and memory of all different work programs for easy set up.
Ability to print on different surface levels of the same object, adjusting easily the stroke through the keyboard.