LOGICA 05.5 - S - SV

The pad printer that was missing in Logica Fexible Series!

The Flexible Series is enriched with the introduction of a new pad printer in the top of the Tosh range.

We refer to the Logica 05.5 model, recently presented at trade fairs, where it immediately received the favor of customers, who translated interest into new orders.

We are not surprised, the machine was designed and developed to position itself naturally between Logica 05 and Logica 06. The gap between these last two units was too evident, both from a technical and an economic point of view. The inclusion of Logica 05.5 has bridged the existing gap, responding to the frequent requests of the market and its production processes, adding a model of a superior category, unique in quality, performance and price. It allows us to enrich the offer towards the customer, able to satisfying various and complex production needs, with an eye to the potential investment. Compact and ergonomic design, the machine is practical to use, and excels for its flexibility of use, with simplified setup operations that guarantee maximum efficiency in setting up processes.

It is without a doubt the pad printing machine with the best price / performance ratio on the market today.

It is the ideal model for those who carry out production on third- party, it is possible to achieve high multicolor printing speeds on small pieces as well as decorate, without compromise, even large parts.

The potential of the machine is immediately sensed, solid and robust, it combines well with the dynamic and decisive expression of the axis movements, ensuring the necessary stability both in the moment of acceleration and in the speed phase. The generous dimensions make it optimal for working even large objects and bulky pieces.
The breadth of possible configurations makes it ideal for multi-print or multi-color processing, where the quality of the result is essential. The combination with specific motion axes produced by Tosh, allows you to perform complex machining, in a single cycle. The kinematics of the machine provides speed to the movements, increasing the hourly performance, making it extremely competitive.
The breadth of possible configurations makes it ideal for multi-printed or multi-color work, where the quality of the result is essential. Matching to specific axes produced by Tosh allows you to perform complex processing, in a single cycle. The kinematics of this pad printing machine, provides speed to the movements by elevating the hourly performance, making it extremely competitive.
Logica 05.5, one machine and three versions! Configurable in standard version (L05.5), with increased printing force (L05.5 S) or with increased speed (L05.5 SV). These are essential features when the customer needs dedicated processing and one version is preferred over the others. There are numerous fittings available that make it flexible for various needs, from 1 to 6 colors with the possibility of mounting hermetic ink-cups different diameters up to a maximum of 195 mm, and hermetic oval ink-cups, indispensable when opting for a solution of total containment of the area to be printed, instead of using doctoring refresher device with smaller ink-cup that slides over the graphic and fit it only partially.
Electric operation like the whole Logica series, this numerically controlled machine is equipped with synchronized multi-axes to enslave the various requested functions. We control essential axes to get fine registers and corrections directly from the keyboard, without manual mechanical adjustments. Programs and parameters can be stored.

The preservation of the recipes allows you to recall a determined working program zeroing out the machine set up. We control axes to manage and simulate the manipulation of an object in certain positions to be customized or decorated, or which has to undergo surface treatment before printing, automating it with the work cycle. All while complying with and ensuring the stringent safety requirements imposed by EC regulations.

All these opportunities guarantee unique options for the customer, in order to promote a superior level of customization service, optimizing production and drastically reducing costs, until it becomes essential. The valuable experience gained will allow the proactive customer to propose cutting-edge solutions that are difficult to replicate, which will distinguish him from his competitors. Relying on a Logica 05.5 means excelling in pad printing.
Obtaining customer’s preference is very important to us, it convinces us to seek ever more engaging solutions and make pad printing processes strategic, creating value and economic opportunities that bring tangible benefits.

If Tosh has retained the trust of customers over the decades, it owes it above all to the path of growth shared with customers, proving that the common interest is synonymous with success, and allows us to look to the future with an increasingly innovative and collaborative vision.

For more detailed information and to learn more about the technical characteristics of Logica 05.5 pad printer, please consult the dedicated Web page, the brochure and contact us directly.
Cingolo-carro-armatoDepliant L05.5

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