Logica 08 Multiformat

The most advanced pad printing system in the world

Designed specifically to provide fully automated movement of objects of various shapes and sizes on multiple axes, Logica 08 has Designed specifically to provide fully automated movement of objects of various shapes and sizes on multiple axes, Logica 08 has revolutionized the pad printing in Europe.
Logica 08 Multi Format can be set up to print up to 10 colours (Linear Version), with the ossibility of combining simultaneously open and sealed inking system and to vary the sizes of the plates according to their respective colours.
Making use of the patented TOSH system, specific of the whole range of Logica series machines, Logica 08 can get to print up to 60 different images in a single cycle with a mechanical precision of ± 0.2 mm. In addition, Logica 08 offers all the standard TOSH controls, as for example, the speed adjustment of all movement axes, with independent time setting, programmable vertical pad strokes for each single colour and/or axis, possibility to memorize multiple and different printing programs.
Logica 08 may also be configured with radial pads (Drum Version). The pad holder assembly, in this case, consists of a drum capable to accommodate up to 12 different types of pads, disposed radially to print on differently angled object surfaces. The part can be also moved on further controlled axes to achieve the complete decoration process in one sole cycle, with no size limits.
Due to its flexibility, Logica 08 Multi Format is used to print on products such as control panels for washing machines and dishwashers, cookers panels, computer keyboards, ski boots, to model products (Trains, cars, ...) and on objects of medium / large size in general, with large multicolour decorated areas.
Finally, Logica 08 is well suited in “just in time” production cycles thanks the rapid set-up production changeover granted by the innovative Tosh system of plates pre-alignment .

Logica 08 leaflet (PDF)

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