With Logica Cartesio we can pad print the impossible !

Numerically controlled pad printing center for high quality multi-colours printing on sophisticated 3D objects.
It represents the best solution, where it is sought the maximum operating flexibility, in combination with the highest print quality

The exclusive feature of Logica Cartesio is to have all the pads arranged radially on a drum. The initial position of the pads is not determined because it is possible through the machine software freely position the pads on different clichés and on the object.
For the same reason the engraving of the graphic on the cliché is very flexible.

Logica Cartesio is available in three different sizes, in relation to the number of colors, the size of the piece and the number of colors to be printed.

LOGICA CARTESIO PrintinCenter comes equipped with an interchangeable plate for cliché support where it is possible to mix with high freedom large and small clichés (and large and small ink cups).

On the 12 spokes of the pad drum it is possible to place the pads naturally in different sizes in relation to the requested artwork.
Each spoke can accept different shapes of pad.

Programming the printing cycle is extremely easy and doesn’t require highly qualified operators because every single axis can be moved also in manual mode, automatically
memorizing the positioning both for pads and object.

Operator interface is a large color LCD touch screen panel.

18- IZ5A1496.OKB

Maximum quality components, chosen from primary worldwide manufacturers are guaranteed in the construction of the machine.
LOGICA CARTESIO PrintinCenter size M-MK and L are equipped on the two main axis with high speed, latest technology, linear motors.
The machine is normally available with hermetic ink cups but on request it can be equipped with traditional open ink blading system.
Production changeover on LOGICA CARTESIO PrintinCenter is extremely fast (only a few minutes for 15 pads and 10 colors) thanks to the possibility to interchange the complete pad drum and the complete cliché support plate (including ink cups) with others already prepared and recalling a pre-memorized program.

LOGICA CARTESIO PrintinCenter output depends on the number of prints on the object. Typically it can range from 150 pieces/hour for 15-20 prints around the object up to 500 pieces/hour for more simple decoration lay out.
LOGICA CARTESIO PrintinCenter can be supplied also in a mirrored version so placing two machines side by side they can be managed by a single operator.


LOGICA CARTESIO PrintingCenter is equipped with an automatic pad cleaning device and hot air pads pre-drying device with built-in pump.
LOGICA CARTESIO PrintinCenter can be equipped (optional) with an air treatment device to maintain constant settable temperature inside the plant, this system also provide antibacterial air filtration to avoid dust inside the machine.
LOGICA CARTESIO PrintinCenter is an environmentally friendly machine especially when equipped with hermetic ink cups as there is almost no solvent evaporation.


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