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Search instructions

By filling in the various fields you get the selection of pads that meets your request.

- If you want to view a pad whose name you already know, select it in the “Code” menu and click on Search or press Enter on the keyboard.

- If you want to view the pads of a category, choose in the “Category” menu and click Search or press Enter on the keyboard.

- If you want to find the pads based on the area you need to print, fill in the numeric fields in "Print area" (base by height) or in "Print diameter" and click Search or press Enter on the keyboard.

- If you want to view the entire catalog, immediately click Search without entering any data.

- Fill in the numerical field "Max positionable height" to indicate the maximum height of the pads that your machine can mount and click Search or press Enter on the keyboard; it is important to fill in the "Max positionable height" field to exclude the pads that your machine cannot mount.

The pads code consists of a minimum of three numbers: ex. 032, 255, can be made up of groups of numbers and letters, always divided by an underscore “_”, for example 020_E, 395_HA. Pads built on an aluminum base have the suffix “_ALL” after their name, for example 024_ALL, 020_ES_ALL.

Leave empty fields you are not sure about: all possible results are included for fields that are left empty. The more fields you fill in, the more the automatic search narrows the number of results.
The automatic search system helps you to choose the shape of the pad, while the type and hardness of the rubber are determined according to the criteria already listed in the chapter "How to choose the pad" in the "General Info" file available on the main page of the pads.

On the results page, the fields A, B, C, D, E, F of “Rubber sizes” refer to the letters shown in the technical “Scheme” to the right of the pads found. For the pads of particular shape it is possible to find the specific dimensions on the same image.
The height of each pad always includes the support base.
You can click on the photo of the pads found to activate the enlargement.
All TOSH pads are supplied on a multilayer wood base, while those with _ALL suffix are supplied on an aluminum base.