A complete range of pads to match every printing need.

The pad is doubtless the most important and delicate element of the pad printing process to printing quality obtaining. There are lots of variables which direct influence when choosing a pad. Here below is the complete updated catalogue of manufactured pads, which are coded and divided according to their shape. Download can be done for each single typology:
00 – general information (PDF)
01 – round base (PDF)
02 – square and rectangular base (PDF)
03 – bar (PDF)
04 – asymmetrical bar (PDF)
05 – saddle (PDF)
06 – special (PDF)
07 – HP series (PDF)

The easiest way to choose a pad is to simply send the part to be printed directly to TOSH; we will choose the most suitable pad for you. To allow quicker and autonomous choice, Tosh offers a fast, simple and interactive on-line searching platform, to help you finding a selection of pads which characteristics correspond to your needs:

The results will be showed in series; click on the pad code for file enlargement for all useful information.
On the left side will appear the code and a multiple view of the pad, all sizes as well as the theoretic print area’s. In the GENERAL INFORMATION section, useful information are given for the right choice of the pad in terms of shape, type of rubber and hardness.
If you don’t find what you are looking for in the catalogue, TOSH in a very short time is able to produce special rubber mix or shapes, to meet specific enquiries.



(all dimensions are in millimeters)                             Search instructions

Print area:
Pad print diameter:
Max height placement:

Search instructions

By filling in the various fields you get the selection of pads that matches your request.
– If you want to display a buffer whose name you already know, fill in the “Buffer code” field
and immediately click on the Search button below the field or type Enter on the keyboard.

The buffer code consists of a minimum of three numbers: ex. 032, 255
The buffer code can consist of groups of numbers and letters, always separated by a dash
low “_” (underscore), for example 020_E, 395_HA
If a pad has the aluminum base, add “_ALL” after its name,
for example 024_ALL, 020_ES_ALL

– If you want to display all the buffers of one of the main shapes, choose from the drop-down menu
“Swab shape type” and click the Search button on the right or type Enter on the keyboard.
Choose “All” if you want to view the entire catalog.

– If you know the size of the area you need to print, fill in the numbers in the “Area to print” fields
(base for height) or “Diameter” and click on Search on the right or type Enter on the keyboard;

– Fill in the “Max positionable height” field to indicate the maximum height of the pads that yours
machine can mount and click on Search on the right or type Enter on the keyboard;
it is important to fill in the “Max positionable height” field to avoid being offered to you
pads that your car can not mount.

The technical drawing indicates with the letters the reference of all the dimensions shown in the dimension fields
A B C D E F, while for the pads of particular shape it is possible to find the dimensions also inside
of the photo. The height of each pad also includes the support base.
You can click on the photo of the swab to activate 2 enlargements and see the details.

All TOSH buffers are supplied on a multilayer wood base, while those with the _ALL code are
supplied on an aluminum base.

Leave fields you’re not sure about: all the results are included for the empty fields
possible. The more fields are filled in, the more the automatic search restricts the number of results.

The search system helps you in choosing the shape of the pad, while the type and hardness of the
rubber remain to be determined according to the criteria already listed in the chapter “How to choose the buffer”
in the “General Info” file available on the main page of the pads.

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