Pad printing plates

High-quality steel and photopolymer plates.

In order to choose a plate correctly it is important to take these factors into consideration:

  • runs the plate should achieve
  • image to etch: solid area, fine lines, half tones, process-color ecc..
  • quality of the print you want to obtain
  • type of printing machine the plate will be used on (open or hermetic)
  • possibility to produce the plate in house

In order to ensure that each customer is supplied with the most suitable plate, TOSH has developed a complete range of products of various types, in steel as well as in photopolymer, always available in stock, in hundreds of standard formats.

• Photopolymer plates
They are ideal for small and medium runs from 10.000 to 70.000 printings
• Thin steel plates 0,5 mm
For runs that go from 100.000 to 300.000 printings
• Steel plates 10 mm
For over 1.000.000 runs


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