Competence and professionalism at the service of its clients.

The permanent and qualified services that TOSH offers its clients, grant the working maintenance of printing machines and plants. The pad printing services offered by TOSH include: technical assistance and spare parts supply, pad printing technical training, assistance in the pad printing start-up, artwork, pad printing colour mixing and matching, steel and photopolymer plate making.

Graphic design

Extremely fast graphic design service, with qualified personnel and state of-the-art technologies. Includes graphic designs typical for stereotypes, for the production of films to computer graphics to create any graphic image.
A flexible and readily available structure, working side by side with our clients to optimize results and limit costs.


Our experience in plates etching for pad printing allows us to offer a high quality service to our clients, in an extremely delicate process and in a very short time.
The equipment available at TOSH’s laboratories makes it possible to repeat the same etching on different plates and to check for accurateness and precision before delivery.

Special inks

Other than a wide range of standard colours, always available in stock, TOSH has the technology and experienced technicians required to quickly supply our clients with pre-mixed inks in non-standard colours, from a unified chart (Pantone, PMS, RAL, etc.) as well as from a specific sample. The service consists in the delivery of the pre-mixed ink, using specific colours. If requested, the ink can be corrected after an accurate printing test. If you wish to organize your own production to prepare your own special inks, TOSH is ready to to supply its specific recipe, the complete set of recipes, or otherwise to help you get ready to produce any special sample ink using SYSTEM COLOR TOSH.

Training courses

When a machine is tested, normally at our own premises, a training course is offered for the use and maintenance of the machine itself.
The training is carried out by specialised technicians with years of experience in this sector,
Twhose job is to transmit their knowledge on the basic technology to the user, as well as some “tips” of the pad printing process TOSH also organizes training courses for anyone who intends to work with pad printing and for technicians who wish to improve their knowledge and to keep themselves updated with the latest novelties. These can be individual or group courses, custom-made according to the company’s need, and can also be carried out at client’s premises.

Printing Test And Production Start-Up

To make sure a new production is technically feasible and to suggest and supply the best solution, TOSH offers its clients a printing test service. TOSH initially makes a technical study to determine the type of ink and of pad to be used, and the most suitable type of plate for a certain application, and examines eventual pre- or post-treatment on the surface of the object to be printed. The client may also use our start-up system, an initial batch produced directly at our premises to ensure that the pad printing system is quickly initiated at your own company.

Technical assistance

Pre- and after- sales technical assistance for TOSH means supplying all services required to keep your products efficient over time. TOSH puts the client in the spotlight, offering quick interventions at need, with professionalism and service spirit.
In order to guarantee worldwide assistance, TOSH and its distributors can offer a series of additional services, a set of activities in which TOSH’s competence and professionalism are at the service of its clients. TOSH’s technician is always at customer’s side to answer any printing problem. He can give all the needed information by phone or assist the client directly at his premises.

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